CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-30)2009-06-30
We wanna get those new developments this morning in the death of pop super star Michael Jackson. Here is what we know. A Los Angeles coroner says Jackson's remains were removed from the coroner's office early this morning, eastern time and taken to a mortuary.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-29)2009-06-29
Good Morning, I'm Melissa Long here at the CNN center in Atlanta, it's Friday Morning, and here's a look at some of the stories that are happening NOW IN THE NEWS.
CNN News在線聽力附文本翻譯(2009-6-28)2009-06-28
Welcome back. The Ottawa Senators have drawn first plight in their eastern conference final series against the top seated Buffalo Sabres. They were by far the better team too, but it's far too early to celebrate just yet.
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-27)2009-06-27
A four-year-old girl that's been missing for more than three weeks will be reunited with her grandmother soon. US marshals found Haley Donaldson safe yesterday at a Christian retreat in California. They say her mom and her mom's boyfriend took her there.
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-25)2009-06-25
I'm glad you with this, everyone. I'm Catherine Callaway at the CNN center in Atlanta with a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-24)2009-06-24
Special coverage of Iran and the fallout continues right now. It's a lot of wait and see.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-23)2009-06-23
We are expecting two mass opposition rallies in direct defines to the warnings of the Iran’s supreme leader. There has been pretty much media black out in Iran. And our One Report there on the ground has been told you can not do any live reports unless you submit an application and that application is approved.
CNN News在線聽力附文本翻譯(2009-6-22)2009-06-22
Passengers on board Continental Airlines flight said they had no idea their pilot had died until they landed. 60-year old Craig Lenell died of an apparent heart attack halfway between Belgium and New Jersey.
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CNN News在線聽力附文本翻譯(2009-6-20)2009-06-20
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Hello I'm Melissa Long here at the CNN center in Atlanta with a look at some of the stories that are happening NOW IN THE NEWS on this Tuesday.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-18)2009-06-18
Those are the headlines for you this hour, stay with CNN for more on those stories and all your other news of the day.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-17)2009-06-17
You said you were the president of all Iranians, no matter who they voted for. I'd like to ask you what is the situation with your challenger Mr. Hussein Musavi and will you guarantee his safety and why have opposition reform, individuals, officials, been arrested.
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-16)2009-06-16
Let me talk a lot about what's happening in Iran right now, we've been watching election there. And it appears that Ahmadinejad has won reelection with 62 percent of the vote, the nearest challenger Mirhossein Mousavi with 33.5 percent of the vote.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-15)2009-06-15
The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington is closed today one day after a deadly hate-filled attack. A gunman opened fire at the popular attraction yesterday. Police said the man just walked into the museum, immediately shot security guards Stephen Tyrone Johns who later died from his injuries.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-14)2009-06-14
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-13)2009-06-13
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-12)2009-06-12
The oldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il says he is not interested in succeeding his father, speaking to a Japanese TV network in Macao, Kim Jong Nan also said he doesn't care about politics. Now, it's not clear who will succeed Kim Jong Il in North Korea though there is growing speculation that another son Kim Jong Woon is being groomed to do it.
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-11)2009-06-11
The State Department says it's deeply concerned about the conviction of two American journalists in North Korea. Laura Ling and Euna Lee were sentenced to 12 years of prison with hard labor for illegally entering the country.
CNN News在線聽力附文本(2009-6-10)2009-06-10
We're following breaking news in fact out of Baghdad. Five American security workers are being held in connection with the killing of an American contractor. The victim found bound and blindfold last month inside the highly security green zone.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-9)2009-06-09
Let's turn to some other news in Mexico right now, this story just horrified a lot of people with started coming across a while just today, here about 29 children dead more than 100 others injured after a fire swept through a state run day care center in the town there in Mexico.
CNN News在線聽力附重點講解(2009-6-8)2009-06-08
The unemployment rate rose again last month, up 0. 5 percent to 9. 4 percent. That's the highest in 26 years. Employers slashed 345, 000 jobs in May, which is down from 504, 000 jobs lost in April. It's also the fewest amount of jobs lost in a month since September of 07.
CNN News在線聽力附文本翻譯(2009-6-7)2009-06-07
CNN News在線聽力附文本翻譯(2009-6-6)2009-06-06
We were in a juice faze, we were like let's test juice for or science fair just because it's fun. We didn't even, we never did it seriously. I was like drinking the juice doing it and stumbled upon it.


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