An erupting volcano, some newly-discovered species, and a celebratory soccer match. We've got it all covered for you in today's edition of CNN Student News! Hello and welcome.
Information has just been trickling out of this remote island, information off the coast of western Sumatra . Local residents there, they have been able to be contacted.
Hi, I'm Joyce Joseph. Carl Azuz is off today. I hope you're ready for some traveling, 'cause CNN Student News is about to take you around the world. Our first stop: Haiti.
The bill passed 177 to 153 in the Senate, this is a bill that that was debated longer than most every other bill in the Fifth Republic.
Today is the day when Britain steps back from the brink, when we confront the bills from a decade of debt. A day of rebuilding when we set out a four-year plan to put our public services and welfare state on a sustainable footing, reform is one of the guiding principles of the spending review, and so too is fairness.
Yale University, 5 presidents have gone there, actors, scholars, leaders. Its global reputation speaks for itself which makes this fraternity pledge ritual on the campus all the more shocking.
Today, approximately 4:55 a.m, 5 or 7 gunshots were reported by Pentagon police officers, in the vicinity of Pentagon South Parking Lots.
Take another look at the cinema, whether you love it or hate it, it would seem the profit-taking blockbuster film is here to stay. Not all of them live up to their promise.
Hello! My name is Carl Azuz. Welcome to CNN Student News. A breakthrough in Switzerland! Teaching with technology in Canada! But we start things off with some trail talk right here in the U.S.
The shot was awesome just like Friday's. I'm Carl Azuz. Priority tell you what show you are watching. Now it's the time to kick down the business.
It really has been a surprise for the medical team that has been working with them.They are in very good state of health.
That video clip we showed you at the start of today's show gives you an idea of why today is a special edition.
In an unprecedented rescue effort, success, as the first of the 33 miners emerged from the earth after being trapped underground in Chile for a record 69 days.
This is CNN Student News. Welcome on this Wednesday, October 13th! You know the deal about our show: 10 minutes, no commercials, top headlines from around the world. My name is Carl Azuz. Thank you for joining us. Let's go ahead and get started today.
The iconic British brand MG has been reborn in the Far East. Cars bearing the classic badge are now rolling off Chinese assembly lines. John Vause takes the driving seat.
We hope to finish today, Tuesday, which is day 69 since our miners got trapped. We are really working as fast as possible to get these miners out. We are not really about declaring mission accomplished.
Hi, I'm Carl Azuz. Welcome to this Columbus Day edition of CNN Student News! We'll be talking more about Columbus Day in just a couple minutes. But first, we're reporting on a breakthrough in Chile.
You want an example of something toxic? Take a look over my shoulder here. That red sludge spilled out of a reservoir at an aluminum plant on Monday. This happened in the European nation of Hungary.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 to Liu Xiaobo for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.
This town here is sort of going through clean-up, and people are trying to salvage things from their house. The reality is when you talk to them, there's nothing that they can salvage when it has been touched by this red toxic chemical makes.
This is the entrance of high-speed train linked Madrid with Barcelona, Sivalia and Morlogan normally there would be dozens of Taxis and cars right here,dropping people off, rushing into their trains.
The 2008 Mumbai attack caught everyone off guard. No suicide bombing; instead, a high-profile soft target on the waterfront of India's commercial capital. Ten gunmen landed in dinghies, stormed prestigious hotels, shot bystanders in a train station, took over a Jewish community center.
Joining me live from Denver and L.A. and also in L.A., along with Mary Ann there, one of my favorite pastors, the Reverend Art Cribbs of the San Marino United Church of Christ. It's great to have all three of you this morning. My favorite topic. All right.We've got a lot of ...
First Ladies do have a lot of influence. They can use that to make an impact on laws and policies. For example, First Lady Michelle Obama's big push is to fight childhood obesity.


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