科學一刻》是印第安納州大眾傳媒網的一個節目,英文名稱是a moment of science。節目內容主要是科學小品文,科普性較強但簡單易懂,旨在向大眾宣傳科學知識、體現時代科普要求、了解身邊科學知識。

Dear A Moment of Science, I know the human brain is an incredible thing, the most complex object in the known universe. But, honestly, it’s not much to look at. Just a big, gray, foldy lump. And what’s with all those folds? Why does the brain look a lot like a scrunched up piece of paper?
People kiss for the simple reason that it feels good. Our lips are full of sensitive nerve endings, which activate sensory areas in the brain. Kissing boosts the levels of neurotransmitter substances such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.
蛋是如何成色的 How Eggs Get Their Color2015-11-08
Depending on the species, bird eggs can be any color ranging from chicken’s plain white to a robin’s blue, streaked, spotted, bright, pale, and anything in between.
生孩子為什么會疼痛難忍?Why Giving Birth Hurts2015-11-08
That infant head looks mighty large compared to that narrow birth canal. And to add to that, the baby comes out facing down and backwards, which means mothers can do little to assist the birth, or even to untangle the baby from the umbilical cord.
Dear A Moment of Science, Everyone gets bored from time to time. But I was wondering–what is boredom exactly, scientifically speaking?
Like a science fiction time traveler, an arctic plant of the late Pleistocene age, over thirty one thousand years old, is growing again after a long frozen sleep.
什么是腦震蕩 What Is A Concussion2015-11-02
If you follow football, hockey, soccer, or boxing, then you know that athletes in these and other contact sports are at constant risk for a concussion. Every season several football players miss a number of games after absorbing vicious blows to the head.
Niagara Falls has been a famous honeymoon spot for over a hundred years: some honeymooners have been more faithful to it than to each other.
I have a trivia question for you, Don. What do the Ebola virus, anthrax, and the avian flu have in common?
Remember that hit song from the 80s that featured the chorus: And I would walk five hundred miles / and I would walk five hundred more / Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles / to fall down at your door? What sounds romantic in pop song fantasy would be painful in reality.
It’s eleven o’clock Sunday morning, and you’ve just woken up after a late night of carousing. You stumble out of bed, brace yourself on the bathroom sink and blink into the mirror.
In books and movies like Call of the Wild, huge, vicious huskies pull sleds for hundreds of miles over the Alaskan tundra. A Moment of Science wonders, what kind of dogs are sled dogs?
When astronauts return from long missions in space, their exit from the spacecraft is usually hidden from public view. This is because after several months in weightless conditions, things we usually take for granted, such as walking and keeping our balance, present great difficulties for the astronauts.
可愛的威力 The Power Of Cute2015-10-29
I’ve heard that owning a dog or cat can be a good way to deal with stress and ward off depression. So I was wondering–is it interacting with actual pets that’s beneficial, or would just looking at pictures of cats and dogs work to curb stress?
Remember back in grade school sitting at the lunch table when someone cracked a joke just after you took a swig of milk? As you laughed milk spurted out your nose and sprayed everyone around you. Now that’s entertainment. But why does this happen?
For certain species of cockroach, humans make the perfect roommates. Why do cockroaches like living in our houses? And what do they do when they’re not bugging us?
什么引起你嗓子哽咽?What Causes A Lump In Your Throat?2015-10-28
What Causes A Lump In Your Throat? Oftentimes when we cry, we feel a lump in the throat. Does a lump actually form, or is there some other explanation?
下館子怎樣才能吃得少How To Eat Less When Dining Out2015-10-27
When it comes to losing weight, the trick lies not so much in what you eat but in how much you consume. After all, even if you stick to whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, it’s still possible to eat too much, resulting in weight gain.
灰塵從何而來What Is Dust, And Where Does It Come From2015-10-27
If you wipe a finger across a household surface that hasn’t been cleaned in the last few days, chances are you’ll come into contact with dust. Look around and you’ll find the stuff everywhere, from the particles floating in a sunbeam to the fine layer of grime coating TV screens, bookshelves, and car dashboards.
喋喋不休的黑猩猩!!Chattering Chimps2015-10-26
We talk to our house pets all the time, but wouldn’t it be great if your cat could answer you in English?
We’ll be kind–we won’t use any sound effects on today’s program. Instead, imagine your eighth-grade classroom, and your childhood nemesis creeping quietly to the chalkboard. He shapes his hand like a claw, grins evilly, and slowly, torturously, drags his fingernails down the chalkboard.
我們為什么要刷牙Why Do We Need To Brush Our Teeth2015-10-25
Humans may be no less a part of the animal kingdom than lions, tigers and bears, but certain things set us apart. For instance, although like our mammalian cousins we use teeth to bite and chew food, we’re the only animals that brush after every meal.
白金為何是白色的?What Makes White Gold White?2015-10-25
Many people associate the metal gold with the color gold. But, some gold jewelry is not golden at all: it’s white.
為何斑馬有條紋?Why Do Zebras Have Stripes2015-10-24
For many animals, camouflage is an important part of survival. A leopard’s spotted coat and a polar bear’s white fur help them blend into their respective environments. But a zebra’s bold stripes can’t help to disguise it in its natural habitat, the open plains of Africa.
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